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Lou-Mac Staff

Click on a caller's photo to see a list of his or her recordings available at this site!

Robert Townsend

Don Wood

Mike Bramlett

Ray Brendzy

Randy Dibble

Guest Callers on Lou-Mac

We thank their home labels for allowing these callers to make guest appearances on Lou-Mac!

Bob Baier
Courtesy of Riverboat Records

Ken Bower

Shaun Brown
Courtesy of Gold Rush Records

Dee Dee Dougherty
Courtesy of Rhythm Records

Kip Garvey

Shauna Kaaria
Courtesy of Chic Recordings

Vic Kaaria
Courtesy of Chic Recordings

Darin Keith

Tim Marriner
Courtesy of ESP Recordings

Bear Miller
Courtesy of Fine Tune Records

Steve Moore
Courtesy of Chic Recordings

Tony Oxendine
Courtesy of Royal Records

Jet Roberts
Courtesy of Rhythm Records

Charlie Robertson
Courtesy of Crown Records

Elmer Sheffield
Courtesy of ESP Recordings

Tommy Wells
Courtesy of Spotlight Music

Matt Worley
Courtesy of Crown Records
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