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About Lou-Mac

Lou-Mac Records was originally founded by Lou & Mac Letson over 50 years ago. Over the years Lou-Mac has consistently been known for some of the best music in the business. Hits such as "The Square Dance Is On", "Rockin' Robin", "The Last Farewell" and of course "The Cowboy Rides Away" have been staples in almost every caller's repertoire for many years.

In 1993, the Lou-Mac label was purchased by two of the staff callers, Robert Townsend and Don Wood. Robert and Don have the same commitment to high standards of music quality as that was set by Mac and Lou Letson since it was founded. Robert & Don set off on a trek to provide quality music for today's contemporary caller. Together they have created new hits such as "Y.M.C.A", "Mountain Music", "The Dance", "Hamster Dance", and "Whoop Square It Is" (The Square Dance RAP). Recently Lou-Mac released "Budapest" (a George Ezra song), "Steamroller Blues" (the Elvis version) and "Stuck On You".

Please take an opportunity to visit our pages and listen to our record samples. Lou-Mac tunes can be purchased directly by digital download thru Pay Pal. Look for new tunes from Lou-Mac in the near future.

LM 331 - All I Want For Christmas (Is A Real Nice Tan)
by Randy Dibble

LM 324 - Be A Light by Charlie Robertson and Patty Greene
(Patty appears courtesy of Chic Recordings)

LM 302 - Blame It On The Margaritas by Randy Dibble

LM 329 - Fields Of Gold by Ray & Caitlyn Brendzy

LM 326 - Black Sheep by Ray Brendzy

LM 327 - Beer Never Broke My Heart by Charlie Robertson

LM 322 - I'm Satisfied by Ray Brendzy and Robert Townsend

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Top Downloads (as of 2023-01-29)

Since April, 2017 Last 12 Months Last 30 Days
  1. LM 261 - Budapest
  2. LM 816 - Hotel California
  3. LM 142 - Square Dance Is On, The
  4. LM 271 - Drift Away
  5. LM 243 - I Want a Hippopotamus For Christmas
  6. LM 287 - Lonely Drum
  7. LM 210 - Whoop Square It Is
  8. LM 260 - Stuck On You
  9. LM 817 - Red Red Wine (Patter)
  10. LM 327 - Beer Never Broke My Heart
  1. LM 327 - Beer Never Broke My Heart
  2. LM 344 - All I Do Is Dream Of You
  3. LM 176 - Cowboy Rides Away The
  4. LM 321 - Slow Dance
  5. LM 261 - Budapest
  6. LM 335 - Fancy Like
  7. LM 817 - Red Red Wine (Patter)
  8. LM 142 - Square Dance Is On The
  9. LM 317 - House Of The Rising Sun
  10. LM 247 - Mississippi Squirrel Revival
  1. LM 261 - Budapest
  2. LM 333 - Brother Jukebox
  3. LM 142 - Square Dance Is On The
  4. LM 173 - Fiddlin' Man
  5. LM 250 - Leader Of The Band The
  6. LM 263 - Days Go By
  7. LM 294 - Going Down To New Orleans
  8. LM 302 - Blame It On The Margaritas
  9. LM 308 - Down To The Honky Tonk
  10. LM 310 - We're Here For A Good Time

Special Events

firecracker flyer

Firecracker Special

July 15 - 17, 2022
Kitsap Square Dance Center
Bremerton, WA

MS, Plus and Advanced Weekend

Robert Townsend ♦ Ray Brendzy ♦ Don Wood

Rounds by
Marie Wood ♦ Shawn & Wendy Cavness

Click For Online Registration
Schedule (flyer page 2)
rogue flyer

Diamond Lake Festival

July 20 - 23, 2022
Diamond Lake Resort
Diamond Lake, OR

Don Wood ♦ Phil-Billy Ramey

Rounds By
Marie Wood
rogue flyer

Rogue Valley Rondezvous

September 16 - 18, 2022
Rogue Valley Square Dance Center
Medford, OR

Don Wood & Andy Allemao

Rounds by
Marie Wood & Rikki Lobato

Click For Online Registration
Schedule (flyer page 2)
Pre-registration ends September 10, 2022
Kitsap flyer

Kitsap Kaper

March 24 thru March 26, 2023
Kitsap Square Dance Center
Bremertion WA.

Randy Dibble & Don Wood

Rounds by
Marie Wood -and-
Shawn & Wendy Cavness

For online registration, see the Kitsap Kaper Website
rogue flyer

2023 Alaska Cruise

June 18-25, 2023
Holland America Westerdam

Featuring Lou-Mac and R&D Staff
Don & Marie Wood
Robert Townsend
Ray & Christine Brendzy
Randy & Sharon Dibble
Chuck & Carla Simpkins
Cherie & Patrick Cox
and Rikki Loboto

Visit Juneau, Sitka, Ketchikan, and the Hubbard Glacier

See Flyer for registration details
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