Stuck On You (LM 260) Tony Oxendine (Courtesy of Royal Records)


Circle Left
Iím stuck on you, got a feeling deep down  in my soul that I just canít lose

Men Star Right one time around now Allemande and Weave that line

I needed a friend and the way that I feel I guess Iíll be with you till the end, cuz Iím on my way, mighty glad you stayed.


FIGURE (twice for heads, twice for sides)

Heads Square Thru thru know 4 hands around you make a Right Hand Star turn it one full turn, Heads Star Left all the way now, you Touch ľ now, Scootback and then Scootback again why donít you swing with your corner promenade that lady along

Cuz Iím on my way, mighty glad you stayed.

       Cuz this time little darliní Iím a comminí home to stay


Stuck On You, Stuck On You, Mighty Glad You