LM 354 - Sometimes I Do (Ray Brendzy)


Side Face Grand Square

Sipping Singles Seeiní double

Cookiní chicken on a shovel

Takin shots at the man in the moon

Sometimes I donít Sometimes I do.

Allemande Left and Weave

Catch a Sunday morniní sermon

Prayiní and a flirtin with the girl at the end of the pew

Sometimes I donít Sometimes I Do



Heads Promenade Half Way walk in and Square thru

All the way do the Right and Left Thru

Pass Thru Trade By why donít you all Star Thru

Square thru and rock it 3 hands around swing the corner promenade

Sometimes I Donít Sometimes I Do

Middle Break

Sides Face Grand Square (32 Beats.)

4 Ladies chain across and chain her back keep this girl and promenade

Sometimes I Donít Sometimes I Do


Sides Face Grand Square

I can be the good guy walkiní on the wild side baby its true

And I can spin the cap off the bottle in a Friday Night denim suit

Allemande and Weave

I can be heaven in your arms or be hell on wheels just hanginí Out for a few,

I don

Sometimesít but Sometimes I Do


Sometimes I Donít but Sometimes I do WOOO