Blame It On The Margaritas    (LM 302)   Randy Dibble


Sides Face Grand Square

She came down from the mainland
Lookin' for a quiet holiday
She'd been working way too hard
She wanted to get away
Allemande Left and Weave

(Spoken) She was more of the conservative type
(Sung)Wanted to read her books all alone
But one trip to the tiki bar
She never made it home


Heads (Sides) Square Thru now

Do Si Do that girl Swingthru then Spin the Top

Boys move up Slide Thru

Touch ľ then you Scootback

Swing the corner promenade

Blame it on anything, just donít blame it on you


Sides Face Grand Square

Blame it on the margaritas, Blame it on the rum
Blame it on the moonlight, Blame it on the sun

Allemande Left and Weave

Blame it on the ocean; it's so very blue
Blame it on anything; just don't blame it on you


Sides Face Grand Square Half Way

Don't blame it on you,  No No No

Don't Blame It On You.