I Ainīt Running Yet    (LM 249)  Charlie Robertson

Courtesy of Crown Records


Sides Face, Grand Square
Ive come to see itís a pattern with me

To make a fast get away, every time I get

A little to near to love

Allemande and Weave

Somebody gets to close next thing I know

Iím and gone again, chasing the wind and the

distant stars above.


Heads) Promenade half way Ďround now,
walk in and pass the ocean then extend,

swing thru tonight then the boy run right and

Ferris wheel. Pass thru touch ľ Scootback and go

swing and all promenade

All I know is I aint running yet


Sides Face, Grand Square
Girl I can see when you look at me your looking for a sign,
That somewhere in this heart of mine thereís a place for you.
Allemande and Weave

I want you to know when those feelings show thatís what chases me away,

but tonight I just got to stay and see this thru.



Sides Face, Grand Square

I aint running away from the love I see so deep in your eyes,

I aint running away and I canít even say just why

Allemande and Weave

I donít know whatís been going on since the night we met,

all I know is I aint running yet



all I know is I aint running yet