Dancin’ In The Streets (LM 215) Robert Townsend



Circle Left

CallinOut Around the World are you ready for a brand new beat,

Left Allemande the Corner, Turn Partner Right, Left Allemande and Weave

They’re Dancin’ in Chicago, Way Down in New Orleans, Swing and Promenade,

Summer’s here and the time is right for Dancin’ in the Street



Heads (Sides) Promenade Halfway round, Sides (Heads) go Right and Left Thru,

Square Thru 4 in the middle and go, Do-Si-Do and Do an 8 Chain 4,

Dancin’ … Dancin’ in the streets, … It’s an Invitation across the nation,

A Chance for the Folks to meet,


MIDDLE BREAK:  Sides Face Grand Square (32 Beat)

All we need is Music Sweet Music, Music Everywhere, There’ll Be Swinging

Swaying, Records Playing Dancin’ … 


Sides Face Grand Square

(Music Interlude 32 Beats)

Head Ladies Center Teacup Chain (32 Beat Music Interlude)



Head Ladies Center Teacup Chain

Way Down in L.A. Everyday…San Francisco Bay, Me and You Across the Blue

Dancin’ ….. Sides Face Grand Square Philadelphia PA… Baltimore And IN D.C.

IT’s An Invitation Across The Nation, For Dancin’ In the Streets