Backing To Birmingham   (Lou Mac 131 )   Bill Claywell


Circle left
Well, I left Louisville early one morning
Was heading down south to Birmingham

Do an allemande left with the corner, come back, dosado
4 men star by the left once around you go
Turn your partner by the right and corners allemande
You swing your own little girl and promenade
Just whisper in her ear & say I love you and
Take her all the way to Birmingham


Now 1 & 3 (2 & 4) you promenade, go 1/2 way
Come into the middle & square thru, go 4
4 hands around you go, then do a right & left thru
You turn the girl and veer to the left & couples ferris wheel
Centers square thru 3 hands around there
You swing the girl around and promenade
Just squeeze her hand and tell her you love her and
Take her all the way to Birmingham


Swing 'em now
Well, Bill ain't never called in Birmingham


Well, I phoned up a caller down in Nashville
He asked me if I was going to Birmingham